What is Fine Art Photography? - Commissioned Portraits in Austin, Texas and Worldwide

What is Fine Art Photography? - Commissioned Portraits in Austin, Texas and Worldwide

There seems to to be some confusion about what Fine Art Photography is and isn’t. Have you noticed how there’s been a trend for those shooting Fuji 400h on film in a light and airy way to all call themselves Fine Art Photographers? (I promise I’m not trying to start a fight, so don’t get your panties in a bunch) I’m not saying they aren’t, but none of these things makes it so.

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Announcing Fine Art Portraits

Hi friends and fans!

I've been a little quiet lately and I want to reach out and say "Hi!" because I miss you and I love my clients. And my stalkers.  I've also been doing some big thinking about where I want to take my photography business and here's where I've landed today: this fall I want to try something new. If you have seen my personal work, and most of you have on either facebook or instagram, you know I have a deep passion for moody fine art portraits, environmental portraits, documentary shots with lots of depth, and playing with light. These are actually my strengths as well. So why don't I do more of this for my clients? Exactly. It's probably what made you fall in love with my work to begin with.

I'd like to offer you a fine art portrait session for your child, children*, individual, or couple at the same price of my 2017 short sessions, which is $300 + tax. What would this look like you are wondering? Well definitely check out my instagram, linked below, and know that it would be a piece of art. It is trusting me to do what I do best. It might be any combination of the following:

  • moody
  • artsy-fartsy (ha!)
  • black and white
  • double exposure
  • deep or "weird"
  • exquisitely beautiful
  • timeless
  • raw
  • emotional
  • filled with interesting light or color play
  • humorous
  • sensual couples portrait or maternity portrait
  • timeless portrait of your child

We can work together on how this would best work for you, but the session would be longer than my mini sessions, might be in your home or on location, and basically last as long as it takes. You'll be left with a family heirloom and a photo you'll want to display as art in your home. You will receive anywhere between 1-15 photos (see, that's the trust part again! If you get one photo only it will be amazing!! ) *NOTE: For more than two children this is still possible, but will require a longer time commitment so a $50 charge will be added for each additional person, up to 4.

Who this is for:

  • Lovers of my art and my vision
  • Appreciators of the unconventional and honest
  • Anyone over the age of 3
  • Kick ass clients who want to support this new direction in my work

What this isn't:

  • family portraits
  • traditional holiday card portraits
  • newborns

So what do you think? Trust me friends, you'll be getting the best of my work because it's what I love to do most. And you'll be getting it first.

Let me know what you think and how you are doing! I love to hear from you. :)