Fakers gonna fake fake fake, but I'm just gonna shake it off.

Three kids under 3!! How do they do it? Lots of love and lots of work. And with 2 Doctors in the house, Elizabeth being a Pediatrician, at least they don't have to worry about medical stuff! (As if that makes it sooo much easier, ha!)

Can you see the magic here? In the everyday beauty of a morning at home with your kids? I sure do and that is exactly what I love to capture. That cheerios shot is one of my favorites, gah (scroll to the end to see that one)! Photography has come into my life at exactly the right time, and now I can't imagine life without it. It's saving me and making me at the same time. I guess it's never too late to finally learn about myself, the real me. It's teaching me to listen to my gut, follow my instincts, believe in myself, and see the beauty all around me. Be o.k. with mistakes, learn to keep moving forward when the impossible seems worse than impossible. And SHARE it. And those fakers gonna fake fake fake, but I'm just gonna shake it off (I can't get that song out of my head, it's on constant request from the kids these days. And well yes, I love it too, Thanks Taylor Swift!). No room for fear or FEAR anymore. It's a daily practice now, through my lens. And it's making life more beautiful and meaningful and there's enough room for ME now. woohoo!

Thank you Liz and Matt for letting me share in your life, document its beauty and spirit through photography.