Summer 2015

Oh shit! (and you'll be saying that in a second when you realize this is the longest blog post in the history of blog posts) Y'all it's almost November!?!! Yeah, I'm ready for some cool weather down in Texas too. And I love fall. LOVE fall. But we don't really get it here in Austin. And I'm a summer girl, even though I shouldn't be: I have fair skin, blonde hair, I'm going to get skin cancer, and I look great in coats and hats and all that. I mean, really great ;) Like my soul is a summer soul trapped in a really white girl's skin. HA. I am way off track, sorry. But yeah, I've got a killer coat and hat collection collecting dust down here.

So if I publish this late at night on a Friday night, maybe nobody will notice?!! This is kind of a big deal for me. I'm more introvert than extrovert, and I'm gen-X (yeah, I know, I'm old), and I'm from the midwest which means I don't like to talk about myself AT ALL. And this is my soul out there. Seriously, all of it. But my work is myself. Is that a sentence? (I don't care because that was one of the more true things I've said in the last year.) I won't lie, it's a little scary every time.  But also, I love sharing my work, because there's magic here, and I want you to see it too. And I'm slowly getting used to all the self-promotion that goes along with being a photographer. And I'm proud of these beautiful images.

SO HERE THEY ARE, my favorite photos from the summer.  I'm a photographer and a mom. And honestly, I can't even say which comes first. Because this photography thing is so deep in my bones and part of each cell that it has clearly been there from the beginning. But being a mama to Henry and Cleo is the best. And everything. So here they are together. Some of my favorite photos from a photographic perspective, with a few favorite mama photos thrown in.

(Have I ever written this much?! Are you falling asleep?! NO- Because you are out at a party or a show and you aren't paying attention to my blog.)

Here's our summer. 2015. Henry was 5 and Cleo was 2. Looking at these together is really awesome because some trends emerge very clearly: Summer 2015 is the summer of costumes. It started at the beach: the house we stay in, the best beach house you'll ever stay in (and my friend Mary spoils me and lets us go whenever we want) had a stock of costumes. My kids wouldn't take the pirate and mermaid costumes off! Then, for Cleo's birthday she wanted costumes, so you'll see the ballerina and super ballerina in here too. Henry had to keep up so he pulled out his old TMNT costume from Halloween last year.

In order, to help you make sense of what you're about to see (or not, because the DJ at da club just showed up for real)

- Summer starts for us in water. Always water. Austin is hot early, stays hot late. So we start out in the pools and end in the pools. Our favorites are featured here: Barton Springs, Deep Eddy, Blue Hole in Wimberley, and Northwest Pool.

- Then there's our home time. I mean, I have two littles under 5. We are home a LOT and some of my favorite moments and photos happen here.

- Austin adventures. We go and we see and we conquer. Henry learned to ride his bike this year so we spent a lot of time on the Boardwalk and on Town Lake (plus I love it there). Ice cream treats at Lick, and Butler Park.

- Splash pads. More water. Because splash pads!

- Port Aransas. We didn't have one big vacation this year, but instead went to Port Aransas and that amazing house a couple different times. I can't really stay away.

- Last is our time in our neighborhood. The kids are more themselves know what I'm talking about!

- Cleo turns 3!

- And Henry starts Kindergarten. Had to include that photo. Because, mom.