The Morning After the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones played Dallas recently as part of their ZIP Code Tour, and I was there with my Mick Jagger t-shirt on singing along to all those Sticky Fingers songs, reveling in Mick's swagger with my friend Tiffany. The Rolling Stones are my favorite band. If I had to pick one to listen to only for the rest of my life, they'd be it. The last time I had seen them was for their Steel Wheels tour in gulp, 1989 with my mom. I was in junior high and I've been hooked ever since. Best. Weekend. Then I got to take photos too? In this house? woohoo!

Tiffany and I knew each other in Boston, before we had kids. So so fun y'all to meet up again now that we both live in Texas. And now that summer is here, don't fall into the trap of thinking it's too hot for family photos: take a look at these. I took these the morning after the concert, when neither Tiffany nor I where, ahem, at our tippy top shape. Do you have a house? With some windows? And is that house filled with love, or better yet big personalities? I'll show your kids being their silly awesome selves. It doesn't have to be some uncomfortable production, so holla and let's make photos together. Best part is you'll get yours done before the fall holiday card rush.

Now this is the part where I insert a funny Stones quote, but they are all about women or drugs, not appropriate for my family session blog! Here's part of one: "I heard about your Polaroids, now that's what I call obscene. " I can't put the rest in, I'll let you fill in the blanks.