MARFA FEELS RIGHT - Yan Family Way 2.0 - Marfa, Texas

MARFA. It's too small, with too much empty space, too desolate, a little too far away. Awkward like me, mysterious like I want to be. And it's beautiful.
Marfa is a contradiction. And this walk along the frontier of things, the slightly uncomfortable, the novel, the grime and dust of something broken, paired with so much space and beautiful big open skies, is what invites so much possibility.

Take yourself out of your life, out of your own way, and there's always a chance for something more. (This is why I leave as much as possible. Because sometimes it's hard to let your heart sing in the drudgery of day-to-day work and schlep) This trip was allll magic. More special and rare than I could have dreamt. Because with 16 other like-minded creatives, also intent on exploring, playing, learning, and pushing themselves, something special was bound to happen. Out of our comfort zone.

The freedom and space to see ourselves. To be seen. To open up and stop hiding from ourselves. Photography has saved me and made me...because I am finally showing you all who I am. Voicing it for myself. Thank you Yan Palmer for bringing so many wonderful creatives together with an invitation to open up and grow, to challenge ourselves, to be vulnerable. This community of photographers is one of the best part of photography for me. Knowing someone truly sees me means so much. It's this invitation, as openness, to view each other with honest curiosity that created space for this magic. Yan's 2.0 Reunion Workshop was rad.


I have so much love for this woman below. She's one of those people who shines light on everyone she meets, opening herself to your beauty, seeing your strengths, falling in love with your crazy, showing you hers. Love you mad Yan!

I want to share some of my favorite parts of this trip. Big love for the following:

  • Brooke Schwab makes the best margaritas (and she's hilarious. I love her. I love her more than her mad camera skillz even)
  • Photo credit to Toni Edge for making my butt look so good in those jeans. We drove to and from Marfa together from Austin, and got to know each other on the highway. Just one of the wonderful new friendships created in this magic.
  • Coffee, Breakfast, and Lunch at Do Your Thing - everything Simone makes is amazing
  • Coffee at Frama (it's in the laundromat)
  • Lunch at Food Shark
  • Drinks and dinner at Hotel Saint George
  • Beer and billiards at the Lost Horse Saloon
  • Cocktails at Capri
  • Yes, staying in one of the teepees at El Cosmico is totally worth it, even for just one night. Heated mattress and fireplace! Room enough for the whole family
  • Excursions worth the trip: Balmorhea Springs is a spring-fed pool about 30 minutes away with cool waters and little fish that like to nibble your toes. Prada Marfa sure, Chinati if you have time for the tour, stargazing at McDonald Observatory, and no I haven't seen the Marfa Lights yet but this was only my second visit.
  • And the FIND Lab for being awesome and developing my film