What is Fine Art Photography? - Commissioned Portraits in Austin, Texas and Worldwide

There seems to to be some confusion about what Fine Art Photography is and isn’t. Have you noticed how there’s been a trend for all those shooting a certain film stock in a light and airy way to all call themselves Fine Art Photographers? (I promise I’m not trying to start a fight, so don’t get your panties in a bunch) I’m not saying they aren’t, but none of these things makes it so.

Fine Art Photography is:

  • Film or digital photography

  • Light and airy or dark and moody

  • Made with any film stock or editing style

  • Any damn medium or look you want it to be

The point is, the medium doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the artist has a vision and a cohesive voice and style. The artist doesn’t just take a photograph of what she sees in a beautiful or interesting way; instead, she expresses something that is hers alone, a feeling or a point of view; something that uses the medium, her skills, and her voice in equal measure, to create a body of work that is recognizable as hers alone. The artist goes into the making of the photograph with a plan and a story and a voice already. Of course lots of magic happens when the artist interacts with her subject and the setting and the light, and the results of this often elevate the work.

And if everyone is using “Fine Art Photography” to mean different things, or to market their work, does it mean anything anymore?

Fine Art Photography will stand the test of time. It will hang on your wall along with the other pieces in your cherished personal art collection. In this age of over-consumption of everything, and especially media, I’m yearning to create something more meaningful for my commissioned portraits. Instead of a slew of files that sit on a hard drive, I want to create art for you that you’ll admire as it hangs big on your wall, calling viewers to ponder questions of life and longing. Perhaps I make one amazing photograph and we work together to find the perfect frame and space in your home or office for it. And always, my message is support artists. Support women artists.

Photos below from a recent commission in Austin, Texas of Bria and Shawn Cirkiel and their family.