Those Brown Eyes Got Rainbows in 'Em

I showed up, driving from Austin to Moody, TX and was welcomed by two sweet girls excited to spend their morning with me.  Previously I had only "met" their mama, Misty, on Instagram somehow after I started following her (she's @farmwife, you should totally check out her photos) but we had never met in person before. I was kind of nervous going into this, first Instagram blind date and all ;) and first time shooting another photographer's family (sweat game was on that day). Well Misty and Wes blew me away with their warmth.  I walked into Misty's house and felt like we were friends already. And then I fell in love with Sunny and Stella. They kind of remind me of my sister and me when we were younger, same white blonde hair and summer tans, me the older one with longer hair and Megan with her bowl cut and bangs.

But I digress. I swear, this is the first time in my life where I feel like I've met my people. The clan of photographers I've met so far on my photography journey is made up of some big-time photographers, hobbyists, moms, unique personalities, freaks, and of course average folks. But we are all working our asses off. We all share a passion, we are all artists, and we love connecting with others. I feel so lucky sometimes. I've met so many generous people along the way of this journey so far, and I'm feeling really grateful. The openness, rawness, and realness of the people I meet in this business is just how I am, how I want to be, and who I want to be with. I'm so right where I need to be. So thank you Misty for letting me come in and photograph your family!