Isn't Angie Beautiful / Austin Family Photographer

Gotta just call it out like I see it on this one. Angie is one gorgeous mama with the most beautiful smile. All hearts in my eyes for this family. And Tega kinda ran away with the show...something about adorable rascally 2-year-olds get me every time. And on a personal note, I'm really proud of these because sometimes, well sometimes I doubt. And I walk away worried. Yeah, I know. I'm not supposed to say it out loud. But don't we all have doubts? And putting my self out there, 120% every time for every shoot, it's a little scary, a little intimidating. What do I doubt? Not even sure. The perfectionist, the striving hungry thirsty artist just gets the best of me, trying to one-up everything I've done before. Just the same ol' same old. But then I take a day or two and let my photos settle and then I fall in love. There's a photo in this set that is one of my favorite client photos I've ever taken, I'll let you guess which one.

Love what you see? Drop me a line, send me a snap or a shout. I want to document your crazy life. YES, yours!! And no your house doesn't have to be perfect. No one's is. Wondering what it's like to work with me? I'm super laid-back and shoot mostly what I see. And sometimes I nudge you in the direction of pretty light, or make you laugh and snuggle. Contact me and let's schedule your shoot already!

Cathlin McCullough is an Austin, Texas-based family, children, and portrait photographer who documents your everyday life.